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The captain who didn't bow to the little captain

The captain who didn’t bow to the little captain

The elusive scene – soon-to-be former president – Jair Bolsonaro (PL) while receiving a delegation from flamingo On his return from Guayaquil, he confirmed something that he had already noticed the most attentive. Everton Ribeiro, like some of his teammates, did not offer a pathetic platform facilitated by the club’s board of directors. An example of behavior in a reactionary and depoliticized world like football.

And why specifically mention Everton Ribeiro? During the entire period of Bolsonaro’s government, there were not a few meetings that were forced by the president of Brazil or organized by the red-and-black leadership. Unlike other leaders in the team, such as Diego Ribas and Diego Alves, the number 7 shirt did not allow him to be photographed or photographed alongside Candidate defeated in Sunday’s elections.

Even without expressing himself in such an outspoken way, which is natural to include in the realities he lives in in football, Everton have always made clear what his social views are, and have shown complete alignment with what hurts the bulk of the red and black fans.

Really captain! It represents in the armband the daily life of its people!

He will turn 34 in 2023 and has a contract with Flamengo until December next season, when he will complete seven seasons with the club. He has won almost all possible titles as a rookie and is one of the champions of the team. He is already among the major players in the history of red and black. Whether it’s because of what he’s doing on the court or to put him off it.

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