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The campaign is trying to stop Trump’s bid for the presidency

The campaign is trying to stop Trump’s bid for the presidency

Trump is the target of more than 30 federal indictments, but for now he can seek re-election. Unions believe his stance during the attack on the Capitol will hinder his candidacy. © Scott Morgan / Reuters

with the information that Laubna AnagiCorrespondent of RFI New York and agencies

“Trump is unworthy” is the name of a campaign launched this week by Mi Familia Vota and Free Speech for the People, two civil rights organizations in the United States. Demonstrations are planned for this week in California, Oregon and Georgia.

According to the corporations, the president played a key role in the attack on the Capitol, which is why he cannot run for president in 2024. The corporations are using the 14th Amendment to the Constitution to support their action.

According to the text, anyone who took the oath of office and called for sedition was ineligible for office in Congress, the judiciary or local government. However, the article does not mention the office of the President. But Mi Familia Vota and Free Speech are hoping state representatives, tasked with vetting candidates’ qualifications, should broaden their interpretation of the law.

In December 2022, a US congressional committee investigating the invasion of the US capital recommended that he be formally charged with several crimes, including conspiracy, in the rebellion. The commission argued that the former president was behind an “attempted coup” to stay in power and had incited the protesters to occupy the site.

The first ex-president is the respondent

The former White House chief has been the target of more than 30 federal indictments since leaving office. He was indicted for “unlawful withholding of information related to national security,” “obstruction of justice,” and “perjury” after withholding classified documents while leaving the White House.

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Former US President Donald Trump. (Photo: Reproduction)

Trump has also been charged with accounting fraud in New York state for paying to silence a pornographic actress who claimed to be his mistress before the 2016 presidential election. He is the first former head of state to become a defendant in a case.

Originally published by Radio France Internationale

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