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The camera captures a baby mouse having a cleaning habit in the UK;  Know what science says

The camera captures a baby mouse having a cleaning habit in the UK; Know what science says

In the sleepy town of Builth Wells, Wales, the story of a little mouse who used to clean has become the main topic of conversation in the town of just over two thousand people.

Since October, retired postman Rodney Holbrook has been living in a situation very similar to the movie Ratatouille. Just like in the Pixar movie, Rodney Holbrook catches a mouse displaying strange human behavior. Instead of cooking, the mouse captured with Holbrook's camera may have a cleaning habit.

At Rodney Holbrook's warehouse, items began to mysteriously change places, sparking the curiosity of the retiree who installed a night camera to identify the person responsible.

Surprisingly, the camera revealed that the one moving things was a small mouse, carefully organizing the shed every night. The footage showed the “Welsh Orderly Mouse”, a nickname he got from Holbrooke.

The animal, which has a cleaning habit, takes all kinds of things, such as clothespins, bits of cork and even nuts and bolts, and carefully organizes them in a box. Check the video.

“When I saw that the mouse was cleaning the place, I couldn't believe it. He put all kinds of things in the box. Now, I don't have to worry about cleaning the place anymore, because I know he will take care of it,” Holbrook said. BBC.

Scientific explanation of the mouse's cleaning habit

Interestingly, this phenomenon is not the first in the history of the United Kingdom. In 2019, a mouse was filmed organizing items in a parking garage in Bristol, England. Holbrooke already knew the story of the English Mouse and named his companion the “Welsh Orderly Mouse” in reference to his country so that there would be no confusion among the rodents.

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Is it possible that, unlike France – which in the movies has a famous little mouse with cooking skills – do mice in the UK have a cleaning habit?

The scientific answer does not confirm this condition, but it does not deny the possibility that the mouse will enjoy organizing the shed.

According to Megan Jackson, a researcher at the University of Bristol who studies rat behavior, rats like to keep their homes clean and organized, but the “organized Welsh rat” goes further than that. She hypothesizes that the rodent may be building a special shelter, as the mouse usually tidies up the shed at night, with less outdoor activity.

Pest control entrepreneur Gareth Davies, from Cardiff, says the mice resemble Australian magpies. “They collect things because they think worse days may come,” he said.

However, according to Megan Jackson, the behavior of the “organized Welsh Mouse” is curious, as the animal collects unnecessary items to build shelters.

Rodney Holbrook believes that the mouse's cleaning habit is for fun, a possibility that science cannot rule out. Because of the repetition in behavior, according to Megan Jackson, the mouse may exhibit a reward system. This system motivates animals to engage in stimuli or behaviors that increase satisfaction.