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The California fire is turning American cities into the world’s most polluted air

Images captured by NASA last Monday (10) show the devastating effects of the fires in California. Much of the country’s west coast is covered in smoke thick enough to block sunlight.

Smoke put air quality in many of the worst places in the world, including several U.S. cities such as Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah.

Throughout the weekend, air quality in Utah was so bad that many schools decided to stop playing and outdoor activities. Washington State summer camps have also been suspended indefinitely.

In California, firefighters continued to fight the massive Dixie fire, which became the largest single wildfire in state history. Fires have begun to burn in the mountains of California, which have dried up this year due to a prolonged drought.

Scientists are concerned about the impact of tobacco on human health. Recent research has shown that the suite may be more toxic than previously thought because it reacts with sunlight and other molecules found in the atmosphere. As they travel, researchers say, smoke produces compounds that are highly harmful to the body.

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