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The Caixa Team Credit Card offers discounts on Visa Fi

The Caixa Team Credit Card offers discounts on Visa Fi

On this Monday (22), the app can I have released a new function: the card credit I got the box. One of the advantages of the card is the discounts offered by the Vai de Visa program.

The Foundation has created an app to create digital accounts for beneficiaries of the Emergency Assistance Program. However, since its inception, the app has undergone updates that release new functionality, such as paying bank vouchers, pix and micro credit, and now credit card.

Discover the Vai de Visa Caixa Tem . Program

Vai de Visa is a platform that offers discounts similar to Surpreendeda MasterCard, however, unlike its competitors, Vai de Visa does not collect points, but offers many advantages and benefits that are exclusive to brand customers.

To participate in the program, the customer only needs to have a card issued by any bank – including Caixa Tem- and in any way. Debit and credit cards are accepted.

So, even if you have a basic card with free annual fees and low monthly expenses, you can still participate in Visa Vai.

Advantages of Going Visa

The program contains discounts for categories: home, decor, restaurants, wine and education. Learn about the three main benefits of the Visa Card program.

  • offers and discounts when purchasing products or contracting services;
  • Visa Reasons: Supporting a social cause through Visa without paying anything;
  • Promotions with sweepstakes or Cashback (cashback) on the invoice.

It is important to emphasize that each partner has their own rules for using the feature. Discounts do not apply to all products and payment must be made with a Visa brand card.

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