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The brothers stand out at the base of Corinthians in a family that has been with the club for over a decade

The brothers stand out at the base of Corinthians in a family that has been with the club for over a decade

Aside from idols, such as Rivellino, Ronaldo and Casagrande, Corinthians are also known for revealing great stories. And one of them still writes in the compositional fields of the so-called “Terrão”. The case of midfielders Pedrinho and Joey Matthews, the two brothers, running respectively for the Corinthians U-20 and U-12 categories.

Pedriño arrived in Corinthians when he was eight years old, was captured by the club’s scouting team, when he was playing futsal in Susano, inside Sao Paulo. In the 2012 season, he charmed his club at heart, the midfielder, still a kid, only trained, before breaking out the following year, where he rose to prominence until today.

His younger brother Gui Matheus lives a similar story. At the club since 2017, the boy has dispensed with the label “Pedrinho’s brother” and has already begun to stand out with the Timão Sub-12 team. There, he takes part in the role with Henrique Lemos, son of right-back Fagner, the club’s idol.

While Pedrinho is already emerging at the national level, in the big competitions broadcast on open television, Gui Matheus is following in the footsteps of his older brother. The Corinthians Under-20’s No. 10 jersey has already scored five goals and provided eight assists this season.

Pedrinho, center, and Joey Matthews, left, appeared in Corinthians Futsal

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In an interview with My dreamThe brothers told part of their path at the club, explained their playing styles and, like good brothers, provoked each other in class comparisons and football friendlies. Watch the full exclusive interview below!

Gui Matheus and Pedrinho spoke to Meu Timão

Mio Timao: How long have you been in Corinthians?

Pedrinho: I’ve been at the club for ten years, I played futsal in Susanoo, I played a match and guys from Corinthians called me for a month’s audition. I spent six months training in Sub-8 and started playing Sub-9 and still am today.

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Gui Matthews: I arrived at the age of seven, I’ve been with Corinth for five years. The coach saw me playing, called me for auditions and I still am.

MT: Is the fact that you’re the brother of Pedriño, a standout player in the U-20 squad, discussed a lot at the club?

J: I didn’t have much, but they called me Pedrinho Jr. There are those who still call, but I don’t care much.

MT: Is the gameplay the same?

s: I think similar. We are traditional, technical midfielders who love finding passes and finishing. But I think that because of my age, I am sharper than him, he can give more, run more, but he does not (laughs). I tell him that in modern football you have to be strong.

MT: They both started at the Corinthian Futsal Championship. How did futsal help you in the beginning?

s: She helped me a lot, it was a tough start when I arrived, the team was already very strong and intertwined. When I had the chance, I stayed there. But futsal teaches us to think faster, because I’m not very strong, I learned to escape from contacts and this helps me.

J: Country boys have been playing futsal for a long time, which is very similar to country football. Size fact, I’m not that tall, I’m one of the few touches on the ball that has gone out of contact and taught me futsal.

MT: Does Pedrinho watch Gui games? Do you give a lot of advice?

s: I joke that their team is very good, and I like to see the classics because I know it will be difficult. Since their team is good, it’s an easy match and I know they will win. Gui has more one-on-one, dribbling, and finishing characteristics than me. I need some of him and he needs some of me. But what I ask most is intensity and laugh that he is lazy.

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MT: One from the 2004 generation and the other from the 2010 generation, and both are attracting a lot of attention. what is the best?

s: We’re joking, I tell him that in order to be like me, you have to win the 13th and 17th Divisions Paulista, but he said he hasn’t played yet. Then he said he won the Copa Brasil Sub-9, but I didn’t play. I have four futsal titles and he has three, a good chance of success.

J: The 2004 generation is very strong, but our generation is also very strong. We joke about the title issue, but she’s normal in the joke. The strongest generation is 2010.

MT: They both have the property of driving. Is it family?

s: I didn’t know that Guilherme was one of those people talking in circles. When we watched the video of the house he hid, he felt ashamed, but then began to relax more. I’ve never been one to talk in circles, but in the field, I talk to everyone. Guys joke that I’m the leader of the gang, but I’m not. In the U-17 I was a captain because Gustavo Almeida said I was a captain on the field and the kids respected me. I’ve never done anything wrong and that’s why I was the leader.

MT: Pederinho is getting closer and closer to becoming a professional. In the case of Gui, what are the next steps?

J: I intend to do the same as Pedro. Playing futsal until the age of 14 and going on the field and getting into a Corinthians professional, which is the most important thing.

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MT: In school, who is the most special?

s: I attended lessons. I would say “Mom, I don’t want to go to school today”, when I wanted to be absent, she let me go due to exhaustion. But I didn’t make any mess, I paid attention, I copied it when copying and pasting it too, right?.

J: I’m just like him, I keep quiet, I copy when copying. In my class there are 15 athletes, the game is a little advanced. But naturally, when copying, you have to copy.

s: In his room, the parade is ahead with 15 athletes, imagine me with 28, all the players?

MT: Have you played together before? how it was? And who would be better?

s: We play together just for fun, in the playground of the building, in those places. The only thing we like to play together is football, but he gets angry because I complained that he was stopped and I run around the field for him and sometimes I get tired. I want to play against him and see who will cheer my parents up.

g: My brother plays a lot. But I hope I can be better than him to play with, because he keeps making fun of me again. But in a footvolley you can’t catch all of them, the ones that go up, he really has to run. Then I woke up for him making mistakes, and he can’t complain.

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