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The Brazilian national team players meet with Tite and the President of the Brazilian Confederation and discuss participation in the Copa America |  Brazilian national team المنتخب

The Brazilian national team players meet with Tite and the President of the Brazilian Confederation and discuss participation in the Copa America | Brazilian national team المنتخب

players Brazilian national team المنتخب Tite and his technical committee as well as with the President of the Brazilian Football Confederation, Rogerio Capoclo, met and discussed whether or not to participate in the event. America’s Cupwhich will be held in Brazil.

The conversation between the athletes and Capoclo took place last Wednesday, before the delegation’s trip from Teresopolis to Porto Alegre, where the team faces Ecuador on Friday, for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

The more experienced players in the team expressed their displeasure at the discovery through the press and social networks that Brazil will host the tournament. They also asked about the possibility of not holding the competition.

Earlier this week, after Colombia and Argentina, who would be the first venues for the tournament, withdrew, CONMEBOL announced that the tournament would be held in Brazil.

At a press conference Thursday evening, Tite confirmed the internal talks in Seleção, but avoided talking about the athletes’ desire.

– We have a very clear opinion and we sincerely and chronologically Juninho and I express our opinion to the president. Next, we asked the athletes to focus solely on the match against Ecuador. After that, they asked to have a direct conversation with the president. It was a straightforward conversation. Since then, the position of the athletes has also been clear. We have a position, but we will not express it now. Now our priority is to play well and win the game against Ecuador. We understand that after this FIFA history, the situations will become clear.

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“After these two matches, I will express my position,” the coach confirmed.

Tite responds to the Copa America in Brazil

Defending midfielder Casemiro, captain of the Seleção, did not attend the press conference as scheduled.. Since the announcement of the Copa América in Brazil, no player has given a press conference.

Journalists insisted on asking questions about it, but Tite continued to evade:

– I do not give up the answers and state the facts with my acumen and wisdom. Copa America is very important. But the most important thing is our game tomorrow. It’s about playing well, because we’ll take it, even with our fans. He demands our position.

“We have a clear position. But it leaves our minds for tomorrow’s match,” Tite said.

Tite speaks with the Brazilian national team players, training in Beira Rio on Thursday, before the match against Ecuador – Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / Brazilian Football Confederation

Casemiro’s absence was not expected. Since last Tuesday, when it was announced that Brazil would host the Copa America, the players’ press conferences have been cancelled. No player on the national team has spoken in the past three days. When asked about such a situation, Titi replied.

“At the beginning, that was my request. Today (Thursday), it was a request and a request from them (the players) not to be here. At the right moment, they will show themselves,” the coach said.

In Thursday night’s training, in Beira Rio, Tite confirmed the lineup he had already drawn the day before, with: Alison, Danilo, Eder Militao, Marquinhos and Alex Sandro; Casemiro, Fred and Lucas Paqueta; Richarlison, Neymar and Gabriel Barbosa.

Brazil is the qualifier leader, with a 100% success rate in four rounds.

Watch other responses from Tite at the press conference:

Neymar did very well, both physically and technically, even in the sequence of important matches. In an important and playful moment, we can realize the speed of thought and action. About my relationship with Neymar, it has been almost four years, they speak for themselves. A relationship of respect, loyalty and admiration. But not outwardly. When she has to be taken out of a situation, it is in a special way. Not only with him.

First match after seven months
It is difficult, after seven months, to maintain the level of individual and team performance so that we can achieve a winning result as a reaction and as a result of playing well. The team has approximately 2.5 goals in average official matches. But in the defensive phase it must be solid. Creativity, purpose, defensive toughness, that’s what we’re looking for