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The Brazilian model has been announced as a participant in the US Big Brother

Julia Gama from Rio Grande do Sul won the title of Miss Universe 2020

Julia Gama from Rio Grande do Sul won the title of Miss Universe 2020
(Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Model Julia Gama, the Miss Universe 2020 runner-up, has been confirmed for the second season of the reality show “La Casa de los Famosos”, the US version of “Celebrity Big Brother” geared towards Latin audiences. The beauty is the first Brazilian to join the cast that was shown and produced by Telemundo in the United States.

“End of suspense, my love! Yes, I’m going to La Casa de los Famosos. I asked for the truth, and I say, ‘Oh, if they want it, I’ll love this adventure too’. You know I like a challenge, it’s a big challenge. This is my first time In it is a Brazilian woman at La Casa de los Famosos. I will be there representing each and every one of you with all my determination and joy of living. I want you all by my side,” photographed Julia, in a video posted to the Stories tool on her official Instagram account.

The model was announced as a cast member of the show “Faustão da Band”, but ended up leaving the project even before the premiere. At that time, Julia claimed that she would not be able to reconcile the recordings with other professional obligations, among them the series “Amores que Enganam” on the Lifetime channel.

In addition to Julia, the attendance of actors Nacho Cassano, Eduardo Rodriguez and Salvador Zarboni has been confirmed for the new season “La Casa de los Famosos”. The latter became known in Brazil for giving life to the villain Ramiro in the Mexican series “Abismo de Paixão”, which was shown by SBT in 2016 and re-run in 2019.

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Below, check out Julia Gama’s ad in “La Casa de los Famosos”: