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The Brazilian is playing in America with The Killers after a poster request

The Brazilian is playing in America with The Killers after a poster request

Manuel Tarantino – no relation to the filmmaker – acted in an unusual moment during a screening of The Killers in Miami, US. The Brazilian economist took the stage and played drums on one of the songs in the set.

During the show in São Paulo on November 12, he was in the audience with a poster that drew the band’s attention when they chose someone from the audience to perform for “unknown reasons”. .

Interviewed G1, Tarantino said he went to the show with his wife and wanted to be chosen for a special reason: it was her birthday. he said:

“This is a band that means a lot to us, we’ve been to a couple of shows over the years and I know they’ll be calling people from the audience to join in on this song.”

Once the plan was implemented, they were even more nervous about whether it would work, as the economist put it:

“We had some uncertainty, we couldn’t know if they were actually going to sing the song. This is usually the 15th or 18th song in the show. I put up the poster and at one point the singer looked at it and waved.

The tactic worked: Singer Brandon Flowers picked a Brazilian from the crowd to play drums. His wife’s reaction was emotional, as Tarantino put it:

“She was so excited. When I got on stage, she put her hand on my racing heart and said, ‘It’s working out.’ She cried a lot.”

You can watch the moment from 1h23min45sec of the video below.

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