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Instituto Brasileiro de Filosofia e Ciência Raimundo Lúlio volta às atividades nas redes sociais

The Brazilian Institute of Philosophy and Science Raimundo Lúlio is back in social media activities

It opened in Sao Paulo on October 20, 1998, and Raimundo Lelio Brazilian Institute of Philosophy and Science Return to activities on social networks. The institution whose head is it was fun, is one of the pillars of the dissemination of the Catalan culture and language in Brazil, as well as Catalonia Cultural Association.

In addition to promoting Cultural exchange between Catalonia and Brazil, the institute is also dedicated to Publication of philosophical studies (focusing on Ramon Lol studies), to publish related books, magazines and videos Philosophical themes and interfaith dialogues, NS Cooperation with scientific, academic and cultural entities in Brazil and other countries.

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What does Raimundo Lúlio’s return to social media activity mean?

The resumption of the activities of the Raimundo Lúlio Institute on social networks strengthens Works to spread the Catalan language and culture in Brazil. Currently, these are the entities/projects that help promote the language, culture, history and current affairs of Catalonia in Brazil:

  • Raimundo Lelio Brazilian Institute of Philosophy and Science (in Sao Paulo)
  • Catalonia Cultural Association (in Sao Paulo)
  • Penya Barcelonista from Sao Paulo
  • Tourism Agency of Catalonia (in Sao Paulo)
  • Catalonia Office of Foreign Trade and Investment (in Sao Paulo)
  • Catalan Christmas Center (almost)
  • Here is Catalonia
  • Catalonia letters (Small communication and education projects linked to the Aqui Catalunya news portal)

Social networks and channels of the Brazilian Raimundo Lúlio Institute of Philosophy and Science

NS Raimundo Lelio Brazilian Institute of Philosophy and Science Available on the following social networks and channels:

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Who is Ramon Lol?

Defining Ramon Llull in a few lines is a very difficult task. However, in general, we can explain it Ramon lol (born in Mallorca around 1232) is considered The greatest name in the history of Catalan literature, and one of the greatest European literature. author More than 250 works written in Catalan, Occitan Provencal, Latin and ArabicRamon Lull has produced countless pages of narrative and poetry, as well as mystical, scientific, and, above all, philosophical works.