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The book brings reflection on the power of media and landscape culture – Prisma

This month, Editora Rocco in Brazil launches “Os Espectadores” by Jennifer Dubois. The fictional book tells the story of a crime that shocked the United States and culminated in a media tsunami for controversial broadcaster Matthew Miller, whose television fame made him explore the strangest and most bizarre secrets of American society.

In her most daring and multifaceted novel, Jennifer Dubois creates a slice of modern American cultural history, from the height of the gay movement in the 1970s to the AIDS crisis in the 1980s, and behind the scenes of television in a time of moral panic.

Despite charting one of the most watched talk shows on American television, protagonist Matthew Miller remains a mystery to both his huge audience and those who work with him behind the scenes every day. However, when two high school students responsible for a mass shooting at the school leave a speech revealing themselves to be loyal fans of the show, Matthew Miller’s life and career are thrown into public scrutiny. For many, the presenter’s wit, sarcasm and impartiality are just a facade that hides a decadent culture that has no bounds. Soon, the secrets of Matty’s past as a brilliant young politician began to emerge in turbulent New York in the late 1960s.

Through Matty, the author explores the rise and fall of an influential figure through the perspectives of two viewers: Seal, her skeptical PR aide, and Simi, a frustrated lover of her past.

“The Spectators” examines the human capacity for renewal and forces us to question what we choose to look at and why. A story about responsibility and redemption – plus a nostalgic portrait of New York City and a scathing analysis of show culture.

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384 pages
79.90 BRL
Roku Publisher