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The biggest comet identified by science is coming towards Earth

The diameter of the celestial body is 150 km, which is thirty times larger than the comets that scientists usually see.

The passing of comets close to Earth is nothing new, but Bernardinelli-Bernstein, which is heading towards the planet, is attracting attention. It’s the biggest comet ever identified by science and it’s about to pass here.

The comet is 30 times larger than the one that scientists normally view – Image: Noirlab/NSF/Aura/J. da Silva/Disclosure

Discovered in 2014, it was only recognized this year and named after the scientists who discovered it. With a diameter of 150 km, they are more than 30 times larger than comets that astronomers usually view to detect, observe and identify new celestial bodies.

The comet’s unusual size has made it mistaken for a dwarf planet. According to experts consulted by the BBC, the comet should not collide with Earth, but the expectation is great that we can observe it more “closely”.

The largest comet identified by astronomers will not be seen with the naked eye, but its passage should be much closer than its other “small visit” here. According to studies, the comet orbited around the region of our solar system 3.5 million years ago.

The excitement of scientists is justified. Bernardinelli-Bernstein can help them better understand the solar system, because it is an object considered pure.

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