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The BBB 22 Endurance Test lasts more than 10 hours;  Look who's out · TV news

The BBB 22 Endurance Test lasts more than 10 hours; Look who’s out · TV news

The last endurance test for BBB 22 It has lasted over ten hours and so far, only Douglas Silva has been eliminated. The feud, which deserves a spot in the show’s final, began at 11:56 p.m. Thursday (21) and also features Arthur Aguiar, Eliezer Neto and Paulo Andre Camilo.

A City of God (2002) actor was disqualified after an item was left in the garage outside the trunk of the truck. Douglas has been in the race for over ten hours and is on the last wall of the program.

Dynamics has three different classes. In addition to resistance, they must pay attention to on-screen warnings to get tasks done. At one stage, confinement is chained while it withstands rain, heat, and wind.

“When a signal from everyone in the base appears on the screen, it comes back to wait for the next command. If someone is off base when the command enters a station, they are disqualified,” explained Tdio Schmidt.

The other stop is everyone in the car, as they have to get into the sponsor’s car and stay with the doors closed until the next command. The third stage of the endurance test is the load, where they have to load the trunk and push the button within the specified time. Anyone who does not comply will be disqualified.

Check out some excerpts from the competition below:

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