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The ATM issues a false invoice of R $ 200 to customers of a bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Gerais

The ATM issues a false invoice of R $ 200 to customers of a bank in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Gerais

Notice, according to the victim, that it was much rougher, and the grouse wolf was deformed (Photo: reproduo)

Cautious. a Leaking from Notes from Fake money He may have left the bank itself. This is the conclusion that can be reached after the case was registered at noon on Thursday (22/4) in Belo Horizonte, when the customer made a withdrawal in Agency Caixa Econmica Federal and one of the notes from 200 Brazilian Real, was wrong.

The case was registered by the Military Police, who conducted the investigation and referred it to the Civil Police.

It all started when the customer was an agency, in which they had an account, for Pay from U.S Bill. Since he has not left his home due to the pandemic, he has decided to make a withdrawal to get funds on hand, should the need be. He wrote in an ATM 240 reais. The machine issued a bill of 200 Brazilian reals and four 10 dollars.

Before returning home, he decided to put some fuel in the car. Then he went to a gas station in Bayrou The officials, Which he has been supplying for at least eight years.

After supplying, for R $ 50, the customer delivered the bill of R $ 200 to the gas station worker, and the gas station worker in turn took the bill to the station manager to check and give the change. When taking the note, the employee was surprised by the texture. He looked at the bill against the light and saw that it had no mint markings.

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Suspicious, he returned to the driver and said that the note was forged. “See how the note has a different texture. The Wolf Man is also different and weird. I advise you to go back to the bank now. The driver, a service station customer as well as the bank, took advice and headed straight to the Caixa Econômica Federal branch.”

Once at the bank, it took a long time to attend, as it was already midday and by that time, most of the employees go out for lunch. “Strangely, because the agency shuts down at 1:00 PM,” he highlights a client who prefers not to reveal himself.

The manager who attended took the note and was also surprised. I called the responsible sector and was directed to collect the memo and file a complaint, and that was done.

In this case, the victim was instructed to wait, as the bank examined the note and contacted him, and handed him a copy of the complaint, which contains the complaint number, the chain number and the note, and the ATM number, in which the withdrawal was made.

The role of the military police

The customer leaves the bank branch and Not satisfied With the problem he was a victim of, as his money ran out, he decided to consult his lawyer. He was already thinking of formalizing a complaint with the police and that was the direction he’s receiving.

Then, the victim contacted the Military Police, through the 22 BPM, in charge of the center and south area of ​​Belo Horizonte, where the victim lives and where the banking agency and gas station are also located.

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A garrison, led by aspirant Tanuri, went with the victim to the gas station, because one possibility was that the servant could have exchanged the note.

Once at the business, the manager posted the photos from the security cameras and showed one of the attendees who attended the client – the second had already left the place, as his shift had ended – to testify.

The victim, the police, and the director of the center together reviewed the photos contained in the security cameras, and no misstep was shown by the facility’s staff. One can clearly see that a gas station operator hands the bill to someone else, and suspects it is fake. He does the test to look at the light, and says, at the time, the fake paper.

The photos are still there and show the hosts getting back in the car, handing out the bill, and saying something to the customer.

The case will now be referred to the Civil Police, who will conduct investigations.