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Cruzeiro já conquistou o título da Série B deste ano

The at-risk B series already has a dispute between Disney and Globo

About the sports rights that were provided, the Série B of the Brazilian Championship, as of 2023, appears in the window, as well as about the negotiations, the first speculations began to emerge.

Globo owns until the end of this year. Until then, no one was upset.

But as for the next stage, ESPN is said to have firmly entered the chart, to broadcast on closed television, and is fighting head-to-head with SporTV, whose competition for many years has been one of the network’s constant attractions. That’s when it comes to your channel and even pay-per-view through Premiere.

It is a case to follow. Conflict can be fun.

As for Open TV, there is still an unknown, because unlike this year’s competition, with Cruzeiro, Vasco, Grêmio & Co. Beautiful among the runners, it’s another one drawing without great national attractions. At most, regional gravity games.

This is what exists to date on the subject.

Some sources confirm, with CBF lanes easy to trade, that Grupo Globo is likely to continue. But the payout – there is talk of R$200 million now – is much lower than it is now.


J. Jr., someone with a full and long history of sport’s most respected narrator, had to be hastily replaced on Tuesday in the broadcast of a game on SporTV.

Information is that he was unable to leave the house.

Similar stories

What’s happening with Jotinha has a lot to do with the changes taking place in everyone’s life, but also to not seeing his name remembered by almost anything else. For example: He wouldn’t even back up the World Cup broadcast.

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It draws attention because JJ has about the same amount of activities as Galvão, now the target of a fair and deserved honour. In the case of Gotenha, that would not be the case. Just a little affection will be enough. Very good size.

about the cup

Globo has now increased the frequency of meetings to fine-tune the World Cup coverage business.

Last Tuesday, via Teams, another event took place among all of its employees, and now it details the jobs of each of them. This is for those who will go to Qatar and those who will stay here.

Beautiful story

“Cidade Alerta,” last week, showed the recovery of the family man, Wallace, who is presumed dead, but has been found in Cracolandia.

The program followed her three-month treatment. He was laid off, got a job, and his wife Cassia was forgiven.

paying off

On Netflix, on its introductory page, when it doesn’t have two, there is always one SBT production among the most watched.

There is, of course, a renewal for the children’s audience, but mainly there is a greater view of the content.

go from there

If at one point, on the part of Netflix, there was a desire to partner with SBT to produce TV series, then today that interest certainly does not exist anymore.

The decision now is to do everything on your own.

A difficult situation

TV network! He preferred to take the risk and continue with “Encrenca” after leaving his old team.

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This has not been justified in any way yet. Commercially, the show performed poorly, and last Sunday, the program hit 0.4, scoring its worst audience.


Miguel Falabella got it right again, this time with “O Coro: Sucesso, Aqui Vou Eu,” his first work on Disney+ Streaming.

Impeccable script and production, with a particular focus on two teenagers, Pia Bromati and Sam Saba, for their performances as Fleur and Alessandro.


For Friday, 10:30 p.m., some SBT stations have confirmed the debate between the Conservative candidates in this second round.

In São Paulo, the dangers of Tarcísio de Freitas do not appear. Until yesterday, at the time of closing this column, there was no such confirmation.

for the last

Regarding another Friday’s presidential debate, the 21st, the SBT caucus has yet to confirm the participation of the PT candidate, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

There is still a decision awaiting your response without a deadline. If it is negative, reporters will ask questions to Jair Bolsonaro, of PL, who has already agreed.

sung ball

With prior notice, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 World Championship. His second consecutive driver’s title.

And that is how, with the dispute already resolved, the band will broadcast the São Paulo Grand Prix on November 13. What is gravity? For those and others, Globo pulled the car.

is today

On Thursday evening, 9:15 p.m., he recorded the premiere of the fifth stage of “Reis”, “A Perseguição”.

Paloma Bernardi, among his many good deeds, after careful preparatory work, will appear for the first time in written productions. She will appear as Bathsheba.

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new moment

After two weeks in the United States, Luan Santana has returned to Brazil and has already resumed the “Luan City” tour.

Luan is preparing to start an international career and has participated in several meetings with producers during this latest trip.

hit – decisive

• Released by The Register, Louise Bache is one of the confirmed facts on SBT Telethon…

• … Telethon, which is still contemplating the epidemic, will be carried out with great caution.

• The squad’s presidential debate, this Sunday, will start at 20…

• … will be the first face-to-face meeting between candidates Luis Inacio Lula da Silva and Jair Bolsonaro.

• Along with friends, this Saturday, Ronnie Vaughn will celebrate his 56th birthday in a special way.

• Karol Konka recorded a participation in the reality show “Drag Me as Queen” on E! , which begins in the eighteenth.

• “Travessia” marks Raul Gasola’s return to Globo and to soap operas, after nearly 5 years.

• Thursday evening, 8pm, TV Cultura’s “Opinião” will discuss the future of the teaching profession.

• Several dignitaries were present in RioMarket, at ESPM’s Villa Aymoré campus, in Ladeira da Glória, Rio…

• …for example, Monica Albuquerque of Warner Bros. – Discovery, and Theresa Gonzalez, from Paramount, as well as authors such as Silvio de Abreu and Rafael Montes …

• …today is the last day.