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The artist’s advisor says “Sientimento Loco” was a song that influenced Marilia Mendonca

The artist’s advisor says “Sientimento Loco” was a song that influenced Marilia Mendonca

Filled with hits such as “Infiel”, “Alô Porteiro” and “Como Faz com Ela”, singer Marília Mendonça, who died in a plane crash on Friday (6), in Minas Gerais, one of her favorite songs was the song “Sentimento” Louco” According to the artist’s press office.

The “Queen of Soverencia”, as the artist was also famous, considered this composition to be one of the most aroused by her deep feelings and became one of her favorites.

The words speak, in deep terms, of the overwhelming feeling of a man married to another woman. Even knowing that it’s not right to create expectations in that relationship, another passage talks about being judged by others and only those who love someone else can understand the crazy feeling.

Marília Mendonça’s nationwide debut came with the song “Infiel”, but “Sentimento Louco” was among the artist’s ten greatest hits. In total, the singer had 342 songs and made it clear that she cares about them all.

The “Patroas” project, undertaken by Marilia Mendonca, in partnership with sisters Mayara and Marisa, was highlighted in one of the world’s largest exhibition venues: outdoors in Times Square in New York, in the United States in October of this year. “Todo Mundo Menos Você” is considered one of the greatest hits on the album.

“Patroas 35%” was the only Brazilian album on Spotify’s Top 10, standing next to releases with names like Coldplay, Young Thug and Mac Miller. Some of the most heard songs of the project, which also include the lyrics of other composers, were written by Marilia herself.

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