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Ways to find out if your cell phone or information has been hacked

The app was removed by Google for stealing and sharing information

Few days ago, Google conducted a check of several apps on its official store, Play Store. So stay tuned, if you download any of the apps, your personal information may be at risk.

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The reason for excluding the apps was the fact that they were linked to sharing passwords, by known malware.

What app did Google remove from its Play Store?

The app that was removed by Google is called PIP Pic. It was a camera photo editor app, with many features and filters to transform photo arts. In total, more than 500 downloads of the application have been made. The app is currently not active for download as it has been removed by Google.

But, why did Google remove the PIP image?

Google has detected that the application contains an infectious virus in the program. This virus had the function of stealing passwords from Facebook and other applications, as well as personal information.

Since the app was already used by more than 500 people, the only way left for Google was to delete the app from its official store.

How are the people who downloaded the PIP image?

Unfortunately, more than 500 accounts that have downloaded the app are at risk regarding their sensitive information and data. Even though Google has already blocked the app and users’ access, it’s a good idea to check if the app has already been deleted from your cell phone, and keep an eye on your information.

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What can and should be done is to change all the passwords for social networks, applications and folders.

This discovery was made by Dr. The web, but it’s not the only one that poses a risk. There are many malicious apps available for download. Among them are the following:

Wild and exotic animal wallpapers, ZodiHoroscope, PIP camera 2022 and magnifying lamp.

So far, we know that PIP Pic and ZodiHoroscope have been deleted. But if you can still access it by any chance, delete it immediately and change the passwords of the most frequently used apps.