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The American family has formed an isolated band and is successful on social media

‘Isolated Quartet’ started an epidemic with just over 50 followers, today amassing 230 thousand fans on social networks

Isolated quartet / video backgroundFamily posts videos on Instagram

A family from the city Nova York He decided to spend time in social isolation using his guitar and guitar skills to form the “Isolated Quartet” band and promote his music on social networks. Jason and Eliza are married and professional musicians. Their children, Joseph, 10, and Noah, 8, have always played the guitar, but never accompanied their parents. Favorite songs are Spanish, but the talent is growing: this week they played Valdir Acevedo’s “Brasilirinho”. Today they have 230,000 followers on Instagram, something the father of the family, Jason Hochman, could not have imagined. “We didn’t play together, so by infection, we were at home, we formed this family group. We started with 50 followers on Instagram. Today we have 230 thousand. It’s incredible to see people participating and singing our songs,” he said. Sees less rehearsal, but composes at night, with more than 100 million people receiving both doses of the vaccine Govit-19 To us United States, Equivalent to 32% of the population, will soon be able to perform in the band in public

* With information from Reporter Victor Moraes

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