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The Aluminum TRICK amplifies the Wi-Fi signal

Despite the quality of the Wi-Fi signal inside a dwelling, signal reception, depending on obstacles and distance from the router, is not the same in all corners.

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Thinking of solving the problem, Dartmouth University in the United States has been able to improve Wi-Fi signal reception in certain places through aluminum foil technology that guides the signal.

Wi-Fi Optimization Trick: How It Works

First, the aluminum acts as a reflector for the signal and directs it to the location you specify according to your location. To better understand its usefulness, it is necessary to have a good understanding of what a router is like.

Routers often send the signal to multiple directions in a home. They are multidirectional. The purpose of aluminum is to have a direction that receives greater contact strength. The thing that may make your life difficult is the walls. correct!

Walls are great enemies of routers by interfering with reducing range and quality. This phenomenon occurs because the electromagnetic waves formed by the Wi-Fi router are absorbed by obstacles such as walls or furniture.

With Wi-Fi targeting, we have greater accuracy in signal quality for a specific area that you need most.

For example, as such technology is being deployed, there are a few things you need to be aware of. The Wi-Fi, which used to be fine in the bathroom, may have reduced strength due to the network being concentrated in a part of the house that needs it most. This is usually the place with the highest concentration of electronic devices.

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Improve security by centralizing your network

Because the signal doesn’t travel in all directions, other people around, like your neighbors, can’t access your Wi-Fi and use it as heavily. In the same way, maybe they can even enter, but with a weaker signal. Still under the same point of view, always remember to password protect your network.

For organizations that show their password, routing Wi-Fi to their workplace may be a good idea, as it ensures better connection quality.

Finally, the ideal is not to do any of this alone. Always ask for help from someone close to you to do this in the best way possible, preferably someone with experience.