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The actress who played Tinkerbell in Disney parks has reported being harassed by ‘family’ ‘parents’

So Tink was among the victims of sexual harassment cases that exploded in 2017 in the US, thanks to the rise of the #MeToo movement? The character translator at that time in one of the Disney parks represented Sarah Daniels He said these days in tik tok who used to receive teasers in the work environment, including from parents who, in some cases, even gave him their phone numbers or even access cards to the hotel rooms they were staying in.

“They were crazy men who beat me while I was working,” Sarah, 32, explained in a video she posted on the social network. In addition, another problem is that, according to her, actresses and actors who play these roles in Disney parks are told to never use the word “no” when approaching tourists.

“When one of these lunatics came to annoy me, I just pointed out the aide who was always by my side so you could give them a chance,” Sarah recalls without explaining whether the media giant had been informed of these setbacks. If so, nothing has been done about it.

right on time: According to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Agency, a US federal agency that acts as the US Department of Labor, #MeToo reports of sexual harassment at work have increased by more than 12% in the past four years, and penalties for perpetrators of such crimes are increasing. severe.

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