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The actress, who earned R$4.4 million after being fired, actually worked on Batman

The actress, who earned R$4.4 million after being fired, actually worked on Batman

Actress sarah jane dun known last year after she was fired from a novel for which he worked for 25 years for refusing to close his profile Only fansShe also participated in a major Hollywood production: “Batman: The Dark Knight” (2008).

In the film, she played the lover of the villainous Sal Maroney (Eric Roberts). The British-born actress had to learn an American accent to land the role.

According to the Daily Star, rumors circulated at the time of the recordings that she would play Harley Quinn, but the character did not appear in the film.

At the time, in an interview with This Morning, Sarah Jane Dunn commented: “I was only involved in one day of recording, but I got to work with Eric Roberts and Christian Bale, and I saw firsthand how a movie with such a big budget works.”

She added, “I was happy to be chosen to audition. It was great to be noticed in such a big movie, and I hope it opens new doors.”

Sarah Jane Dunn played the lover of the villain Sal Maroney in Batman: The Dark Knight.

Image: reproduction

She also commented on the film’s fee, and expressed her desire to not only be known for her role as Mandy in the TV series ‘Hollyoaks’ – from which she was fired for having an OnlyFans profile.

“It was a lot of money, and that’s the real difference from what I used to do. It’s about getting to know people so they see me for who I am, not Mandy. It’s great to show that this is who I am, that I’m different from the character I played.”

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