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Quarta edição da Campus Party Brasília começa na próxima semana com muitas novidades

The 4th edition of Campus Party Brasília starts next week with a lot of news

#CPBSB4 starts next Wednesday (23) and runs until March 27, mixed format

CPBSB4 will be held from March 23 to 27, at the Mané Garrincha, in digital format and will provide public lectures on the Internet of Things, blockchain, maker culture, and entrepreneurship, as well as several novelties, such as a robotics arena where it will be possible to participate in Robot hockey and drone arena matches, with races and lessons for those who want to try it out. At the opening of the event, the CPBB will present a free concert by DJ Bashkar, as well as the Maestro Claudio Orchestra. The viewing area will be free, but with a limited number of people in the area inside the stadium.

Over five days of the event, it is expected to gather more than 70,000 people in the open area. In the free space open to the public, visitors will be able to access Campus Play, an area focused on player tournaments and content focused on digital games, the Drone Arena, and the Entrepreneurship Stage, which in partnership with Sebrae will welcome several speakers who will provide important content and advice to those who have already conducted or for those who wish to do so.

In the Arena da Campus, a paid space closed to the residents of the campus, it is expected that about seven thousand people will be able to follow the activities of four different stages dealing with topics from the world of technology, programming, digital entertainment, metaverses and games. About three thousand people are expected at the camp site, making CPBB4 the second largest Campus Party in the world.

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The Campus Party says that all safety protocols imposed by covid-19 will be reinforced, that is, in addition to the mandatory use of a mask, it will be necessary to have a passport for the vaccine. Otherwise, a PCR or antigen test is required 48 hours in advance.

In all, there will be more than 300 hours of activities, including lectures, workshops, hackathons, games, simulators, and many other attractions. According to Tonico Novas, CEO of Campus Party Brasil, the event has unique editions. “The audience in Brasilia is absolutely fond of the event, so we plan to resume the CPBB, which will be more memorable for all the participants,” he asserts.

“Brasilia has become the home of the Campus Party and it will be received with great affection, love and lots of festivities for university students and visitors. This event in our capital, which is already a smart city, will be a success”, confirms Gilvan Maximo, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Federal District.

Master sure

The first confirmed international keynote speaker is Rodeo FX Vice President of Technology Development at Jordan Soles. With a degree in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science from the University of Toronto, Souls was directly involved in the company’s negotiations to develop four seasons of the Game of Thrones series, in which Rodeo FX won three Emmy Awards for Best Special Effects. In addition, she has established a relationship with major studios such as Netflix, HBO, and Marvel. Rodeo FX has also been nominated for Production Awards, WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Soldier and Love Craft Country.

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Programs confirmed at CPBSB

In this edition, Campus Party Brasília will also showcase the Startup 360º programme, in partnership with Sebrae, which aims to enable beginners and advanced startups to showcase their work. Another important activity is the Business Marathon, a program aimed at idealizing new businesses, which will be in a hybrid format.

In addition, registration is open for the Call for Talks program, which aims to discover new talent within the Campus Party network throughout Brazil. Registration is open and can be done through the link: https://brasil.campus-party.org/cpbsb4/

The volunteer program was also confirmed in the fourth edition of Campus Party Brasília. Participants will assist in the dynamics of the event, for six hours a day, in the morning/afternoon and afternoon/evening periods, as well as being a learning opportunity for future jobs. Registration is open and can be done through the link: https://brasil.campus-party.org/cpbsb4/

Campus Party Scientific Journal

In addition to the programs, Campus Party will also have a special edition of its science journal. The publication aims to ensure a space for high-quality scholarly texts, as well as to attract relevant content that is at the fore in the discussion areas. The magazine, which will be hosted on the campus website and always published with the meeting edition, will bring together content on topics related to the campus universe, such as robotics, clean energy, space travel, virtual reality, gaming, metaverse, genomics, biohacking, among others. other things.

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About Campus Party

Campus Party is the world’s largest technology experience in Internet of Things, Blockchain, Maker culture, education and entrepreneurship. The event now has more than 550,000 registered members on campuses worldwide, and has already produced editions in countries such as Spain, the Netherlands, Mexico, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Argentina, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Ecuador. The event has been present in Brazil for ten years.

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Campus Party Brasília Service – 4th Edition
Arena: March 23-27
The song is open: March 23-27
Venue: Mane Garrincha Stadium