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The 4-day work week will be tested in Brazil from November;  See how it will work

The 4-day work week will be tested in Brazil from November; See how it will work

Less is more?

Interested companies will be able to register for the initiative starting in June

Giovanna Soto

After approval in the UK, the workday will be tested four days a week in companies in Brazil. According to the calendar, the trial will begin in November this year and will last for six months – until April 2024.

a “4-Day Week Global” (four days a week) in partnership with Reconnect happiness at workExamines the everyday situation around the world where a professional receives 100% of the salary and works 80% of the time in exchange for a commitment to maintaining 100% productivity (a model that has come to be known as the 100-80-100).

The idea of ​​reducing working hours is also a search for greater welfare among the company’s employees. Between June and July, the so-called “information sessions” will take place in Brazil.

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“There will be 5 open and free sessions. We will receive companies interested in participating in the trial to clarify doubts and explain how the project works, aligning expectations and investment values, ”explains Gabriela Brasil, Community Leader at 4 days of a global week to Infomoney.

The amounts that the companies will have to disburse will soon be disclosed by the organization on the project website. While the sessions are taking place, starting in June, registration will be open to interested companies.

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On Wednesday (10), we started attracting companies who want to learn more about the pilot program. It is an initial process based on registering on the site. What we’re already doing: We’ve had companies from Brazil already working in this more flexible four-day format and we’re inviting all of them to be with us on this pilot project that are the pioneers of this movement here and that will help advise other companies,” says the executive.

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She mentioned two companies that are already working on this model and will be the advisors for the initiative on Brazilian soil: Vockan, from the technology branch in São Paulo; and Efí, formerly Gerencianet, an aggregator for individuals and businesses in Minas Gerais.

The second phase begins in August, which is the planning phase of the pilot project, and continues through October. “At this point, we help companies prepare for project implementation,” says Brazile. Only in November will tests begin in practice among the participating companies.

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Basic requirements

There are no prerequisites for company registration, such as volume and invoices.

According to Brasil, the organization seeks to know the business model of the interested company, whether it is hybrid or 100% remote, and the sector in which it operates.

“We want to reach a variety of companies, including those outside the Rio-SP hub and the main requirement is interest in participating. When registering, we will note this and what the company wants to achieve from the tests, ”he says.

Regarding the size of the participating companies, the projections are between 30 and 40 participants in Brazil.

As a comparative effect, in the UK, where 92% of respondents decided to keep the shorter business model, 61 companies took the tests. In South Africa and Canada, about 30 companies. In the United States, about 40 companies participated in the project.

During the testing period, the studies will be conducted under the leadership of Boston College, which will monitor the development of the project. Our pilots last about 6 months. The CEO explained that we will have data on the Brazilian experience in April 2024.

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around the world

The project “4-DayWeek Global” Tested in several countries: there are already 91 companies and about 3,500 workers from 6 countries (Australia, Canada, United States, Ireland and New Zealand, as well as the United Kingdom).

“The 4-Day Week Global” With support from global consulting firm Autonomy, as well as assistance from researchers from the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Boston College.