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The 2020 PIS/PASEP Salary Bonus will not be paid in 2021;  understand

The 2020 PIS/PASEP Salary Bonus will not be paid in 2021; understand

Workers who expect compensation PIS / Pasep Referring to the base year 2020, which is still this year, they will have to wait another time for the benefits. This is because the salary bonus will only be distributed in the first half of 2022.

The deferral of payment of the PIS/Pasep benefit was a decision by the Advisory Board of the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat) — made up of workers, businesses and the government — that halted the distribution of the benefit this year, according to the controller. The General Council of the Federation.

According to the statement of the Ministry of Economy, the change in the calendar was necessary to follow the accounting and financial rules of the country. With them, the program expenses are not divided over two years.

Thus, according to the new conditions, the payment of PIS / Pasep 2020 should start only from the first half of next year. Codefat states that the decision was not made with financial considerations in mind, but that deferring the schedule should generate R$7.45 million in savings in 2021.

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Still without a specific payment schedule, millions of Brazilians are waiting for the 2020 allowance. Currently, workers who performed paid work under an official contract in 2019 can withdraw the benefit until the 30th of this month

It is worth noting that to be eligible for the salary increment, the worker must fulfill some requirements, such as:

  • Be registered for at least 5 years in the PIS/Pasep system;
  • They earned average minimum wages per month in the base year;
  • Worked on a formal contract for at least 30 consecutive days, or not, in the base year; And the
  • Be with the correct data passed by the company to the head of government.
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for employees of private companiesPIS), if Caixa cannot deposit the allowance in an existing account or in a digital social savings account, the citizen may withdraw the benefit using the citizen’s card and password at ATMs, lottery units and Caixa Aqui messengers, as well as at branches of the institution presenting an official document with a photo.

for public officials)BASIP), the allowance can be withdrawn at Banco do Brasil branches, according to the method of redemption.

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