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“Thank you, Donna Globo, for all that breathing…”

“Thank you, Donna Globo, for all that breathing…”


The situation spread on the Internet, and many netizens laughed at the scene.

Image 1: Playback / Instagram / @mcdaniel | Image 2: Playback / Instagram / @mccabelinho

Last Monday night (3), in one of the scenes Go in the faithThe audience was shocked by Ben’s kiss outrigger that it Hugocharacters from Mayan honey that it Hairy MC, respectively. in the scene Kate (Clara Monique), along with Jennifer (Bela Campos), catches the kiss between the two.

The moment of the two kissing went viral online, plus of course it sparked several comments in the face of the fallout. This is because little hair dating Bella Campos In real life. about it, Mayan honey Live in a relationship with MC Danielwho is a friend of the funk artist and actor.

Photo: Reproduction/Rede Globo

Among the comments, remind the audience of the relationship that Mayan honey that it Hairy MC before their current relationships. “Bela Campos in a scene where Cabiliño pretends they’re not a couple in real life is already iconic, but Bella Campos in a scene with Cabiliño kissing Maya’s mile (which he actually got in real life) is iconic (pause for this MC Daniel scenes” commented one netizen .

At the same time, Bella CamposAnd Hairy MC that it Mayan honey They praised their professionalism in filming this scene. “I like the professionalism of those involved,” Netizen praised. “Imagine MC Daniel’s face seeing that Mel Maya kisses Cabelinho in the TV series, he’s a friend of his and he actually called her out of the series! How crazy,” Speak again.

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