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Textor says he 'already spent twice as much as expected' in Botafogo and admits: 'I've hired players I wasn't supposed to get'

Textor says he ‘already spent twice as much as expected’ in Botafogo and admits: ‘I’ve hired players I wasn’t supposed to get’

Jon Textor is about to get another club. owner Botafogo His new Lyon-FRA membership has already been announced and he is expected to take over the role in the coming days, adding to the global network of clubs he intends to implement with Eagle Holdings.

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In an interview with L’Equipe, France’s main newspaper, the businessman made comparisons with the work he was going to get in Lyon, the acquisition of Crystal Palace-ING and what he was doing in Botafogo.

– Look what I did at Crystal Palace … I went to the matches, thank me people, I helped in the academy (base), in signings, you brought new energy. It will be the same with Lyon, I carry my love for football and finances. I’m more behind the stage than in the front. It was different in Botafogo, where I am the only one in charge. There she changed everything because it was a federation that ran the club. There was nothing. Temporary positions, the grass was not cut, the coach (Anderson Moreira) argued with the referees … – he said.

In a self-assessment, Textor admitted mistakes early in the process at Alvinegro in decisions on and off the field. According to him, some contracts should not be concluded.

– In Botafogo, I have already spent twice as much as they asked me. When you start deciding on a team and see that 10 or 20 million can take you further, you fall in love with the process and spend more than you saved. It has spread quickly and I am spending more than I should. I’ve hired players I shouldn’t have – he added.

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