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Botafogo: With a bureaucratic part to buy SAF "stuck", John Textor has postponed coming to Brazil

Textor provokes Flamengo and complains about the referee in the Botafogo U-20 match

Jon Textor is back on social media. The American rocked Twitter on Friday afternoon during the match Botafogo With flamingos in Campeonato Carioca sub-20. Alfinegro even opened 2-0, but equalized from Robro Negro.

+ Botafogo suffers from a lack of defense of the classics against Flamengo, but there may be a comeback or novelty in this sector

When Glorioso opened the scoring with a Kauê goal, the businessman released a post in a joking tone to provoke Flamengo and invite fans to broadcast the match. The Botafogo YouTube channel showed the match live.

– Something is happening in CEFAT (match phase) with Botafogo U-20 against a team called Flamengo do Rio… 1-0 at the start of the second half! you are watching? – published.

Glorioso even opened 2-0, but scored from Flamengo straight on the ball. Robro Negro’s penalty kick tied Mateosao already in the final stage of the match with a controversial penalty kick, the target of complaints from Textor.

A crazy penalty kick from our goalkeeper (Lucas Barreto). He got to the ball first, and that’s very clear. I think Referees B have found their way into our U-20 matches as well.

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