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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown gets new and confirmed trailer for PCs and consoles

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown gets new and confirmed trailer for PCs and consoles

The new franchise will bet on luxury cars and a 1: 1 scale map to explore

Announced July 2020And the Unlimited driving test for Solar Crown, A new title from the popular racing game franchise it now owns Nacon, It was practically fallen by the wayside by many, due to the lack of news about the game on the part of the publisher.

However, on Wednesday (21), Nacon and KT Racing, the studio in charge of the game, revealed a New trailer The Ultimited Solar Crown Drive Test. The video shows a little of the universe behind the new game it will bring Luxury cars (such as Aston Martin and Land Hoover), casinos and big bets.

In the game description, the developer promises Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown It will bring all the elements fans loved that made the TDU franchise so dearWhere it is said that the game “It will preserve the DNA of the early games and reshape it for the modern era.” To that end, KT Racing is working with Alan Garnew, The director in charge of Test Drive Unlimited and Test Drive Unlimited 2, to assist with game development.

It is among the car brands confirmed in the game Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Koenigsegg, Apollo, Dodge E. Bugatti, Which also had several customization options. Not only will the customization be limited to vehicles, you can also customize your character.

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The game also promises to fetch it A vast open world, Giving players complete freedom to explore their large map. Speaking of the location, it is not yet confirmed exactly in which country the game will be played, however, it is said that it will bring “Luxurious island recreated in 1: 1”.

Test Drive Ultimited Solar Crown does not have a release date, and is confirmed for PC (via Steam e Epic Games Store), Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 e Nintendo Switch. KT Racing promises to reveal more news (how to play?) About the game July.

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