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Tesla is being investigated by the US over Autopilot accidents

Tesla is being investigated by the US over Autopilot accidents

The United States Department of Justice is involved in a criminal investigation Tesla, after accidents involving the autopilot of electric cars – according to a report on the Reuters website. Last year, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an investigation into a series of collisions, one of which was fatal, in which the driver assistance system was activated.

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last week, Elon MuskCEO’s Tesla, an upgraded version of the “Full Self-Driving” software will soon be released so that car users can travel without touching the steering wheel. “The person in the driver’s seat is only there for legal reasons. He’s not doing anything. The car is driving itself,” reads a promotional video.

However, the company cautions that drivers should keep their hands on the wheel and control their vehicles when using Autopilot. According to the automaker’s website, the technology is designed to assist with steering, braking, acceleration and lane changes, but its features are not intended to “automate the vehicle.”

Musk has previously said that cases involving the Assistant are caused by its misuse, when customers don’t follow instructions. However, Justice Department lawyers in Washington and San Francisco are investigating whether Tesla misled consumers, investors and regulators about the true capabilities of its technology.

The Reuters website tried to get in touch Elon Muskwith Tesla and the US Department of Justice, but received no response.

Source: Reuters

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