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Teens Stealing Cars in US Using USB Cables Inspired by TikTok Challenge

Teens Stealing Cars in US Using USB Cables Inspired by TikTok Challenge

Social networking challenges They have become commonplace and most of them are harmful to the practitioners. A recent one based on an attempt to start a car using a USB cable went viral TikTok and other social networks a few years ago and lasted until the beginning of this year.

Most challenges or trends They are harmless and crowd social media with songs or buckets of water on other people’s heads. Breaking the law by trying to start your car and ultimately stealing it is serious business.

Car Theft Challenge on TikTok

This is the challenge TikTok It has been carried out by the youth in the vehicles Kia And Hyundai In America. Although a USB cable is used to complete the challenge, it’s not hacking by any means. Removing the “cover” under the steering wheel, detaching part of the mechanism where the key is inserted, and then inserting the USB connector so that the ignition cylinder can be turned. And ready! Let’s drive the car and “take” it for a walk. Cases have occurred in Milwaukee (Wisconsin), Prince George’s County (Maryland), and elsewhere in the United States.

This wave of trying to steal cars with USB cables has been going on since 2021 when registration began in the US. It is not known who started this challenge, but it continues to this day, with more than 100 cases registered as of early 2023. These are usually Kia or Hyundai cars manufactured between 2010 and 2021.

According to Cook County (Illinois) Sheriff Tom Dart, most robberies are committed by young people. In one case, an 11-year-old boy did a challenge and, like this boy, most of the repeaters didn’t even know how to drive.

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Kia says its 2022 models will come with immobilization technology. Hyundai has already said that its vehicles will leave the factory with immobilizers installed from November 2021. Both automakers said they are working with authorities and are providing steering wheel locks to owners of affected vehicles.

via: CNBC