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Teenager admitted to 6 American universities to study astrophysics: ‘I always love stars’ |  Baraba

Teenager admitted to 6 American universities to study astrophysics: ‘I always love stars’ | Baraba

Princeton, MIT and four of the best universities in the world. One of them is 17-year-old Ananda Ficurido from Baraba. He has received scholarships from six of America’s most prestigious educational institutions to study astronomy.

The student is from the capital of Baraba, Joano Pessoa. For his outstanding grades, he has always won scholarships, and three years ago he passed another exam. He moved to Orlando, Florida, USA, where he attended Cyprus Creek High School, a public school through the International Course (IP) program.

Since he was a child, Ananda expressed his desire for numbers, and from his home garden, in Baraba, he looked up at the sky and saw an interest in the stars.

“I have always loved stars, and when I was young my parents gave me an illustrated book on astronomy. I swallowed that book and I remember decorating the parts to this day. It is a great privilege to be able to dedicate myself to my feelings, ”he comments.

Parabana is accredited by six American universities to study astronomy – Photo: Personal Archive / Ananda Ficurido

In addition to good grades, Ananda won the Olympics in Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. She dreamed of becoming an actress, she was even approved in art schools and dedicated her life to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, but she decided to deepen her studies in the field of astronomy, focusing on recognition at large educational institutions.

Princeton, MIT, Catholic University of America (Honors Program), Amherst College, University of Florida, Florida Institute of Technology. There are six options to choose from, and a dream come true.

“It’s a very exciting, wonderful moment. It’s like thinking about your whole life: Wow, I really achieved this goal that I worked so hard to achieve,” says Ananda.

Ananda’s mother, Maria Eduardo Ficurido, says she has done everything to provide her daughter with the best possible study opportunities. Despite the cultural and financial problems, the family was able to make the dream come true.

“It’s her dream, and mothers people dream of their children. Ever since she started going to school, she has always had this ‘impossible dream’. Today she is in a very brief group around the world, and we are very happy, especially for her happiness,” says the student’s mother.

Ananda with her parents Maria Eduardo and Annabel Jr. – Photo: Personal Archive / Ananda Ficurido

Due to the infection of the new corona virus, Ananda is taking virtual classes and devotes 14 hours of study daily, 7 hours to attend classes and do the rest of the activities. The student’s father, Annabel Jr., lives in the United States with him and is very proud of his daughter’s achievements.

A student who agrees to be between MIT and Princeton is exploring university projects. Now, according to Ananda, the goal is to continue to conquer the world, always thinking about getting new results and contributing to the future of science.

“I have a lot more to live for. I want to pursue my career doing a PhD in astronomy. I want to be a teacher, a researcher … this is just the beginning,” he concludes.

Parabana is accredited by six universities in the United States for studying astronomy – Photo: Personal Archive / Ananda Ficurido

Ananda Ficurido in an interview after receiving approval from MIT

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