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Team GUS / Unimed wins 10th place during the tournament in Bauru

Team GUS / Unimed wins 10th place during the tournament in Bauru

Nine GUS/Unimed athletes swam at the ABDA Arena, in Bauru, from October 29 to 31. Under the supervision and control of Professor and Coach Emerson Jimenez, they participated in the Southeast Swimming Championships and the Kids and Youth categories, which included the participation of 226 swimmers from 27 registered clubs. The Athletes’ Union finished in 10th place overall, with 315 points, among the clubs in the southeast region of Brazil. Check out the main results:

Sophia Bentrich Marquez, Children’s Class 2 (14 years), female, gold in the 400m medley, in the 100m backstroke and 200m backstroke, silver in the 100m butterfly; Bianca Delfini Santos, Category Two (14 years old), female, 5th place in the 100 and 200m backstroke. Gustavo Henrique Ferreira, Juvenile Class 1 (15 years old), gold in the 400m medley, silver in the 100m butterfly, bronze in the 200m medley and butterfly; Rafael Lobo Setelli, Category 1 Junior (15 years), male, 5th in the 100 and 200m backstroke. Carisson de Azevedo, Junior Class 2nd (16 years old) male, third in the 200m medley, 200m breaststroke and 400m medley; Nicolas Gustavo Faria Junior Class 2 (16 years) men’s 4th place in the men’s 100m and Arthur Ferraz children’s 1st class (13 years) men’s 5th place in the 200m breaststroke. Children’s swimmers Caio Brandao Azevedo and Lais Barreto also participated with great force, improving their scores.

The GUS Council congratulates the athletes on their placements and performance.

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