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Taunsa's CEO briefs the news in partnership with Corinthians and comments on the project with Vtor Pereira

Taunsa’s CEO briefs the news in partnership with Corinthians and comments on the project with Vtor Pereira

Corinthians has partnered with Taunsa, an agricultural trading company, In December 2021. The deal is not a one-time sponsorship of the club, but includes several social, marketing and investment measures to promote all sports in the club. The news seems to be getting closer and closer.

In an interview with Canal de CeretoThe company’s CEO, Clydson Cruz, has reiterated that Townsa will spare no effort to help Corinthians in what is best for the club. Cruz even mentioned that if the project doesn’t interest the company, he’s vowing to find the perfect partner for Timão.

Partnership is not sponsorship, which involves personalities. It includes everythingAnd since Duilio’s management is considering the Corinthians Foundation, everything that includes the club, Sports and other sectors. This partnership comes to embrace Corinth as a whole. Whatever is being developed within the project and the board thinks Taunsa thinks he’s the partner, let’s sit down and discussCledson Cruz said.

“If we can’t help, I am committed to finding a partner to help with the project. Corinthians strong, fighting at the top, the image favors us. This is worth us. We are not an end consumer company, we are a supplier of raw materials. Taunsa-Corinthians amalgamation is equated when the club is spoken favorably ofThe CEO of the company explained.

The first major measure introduced by the partnership between Corinthians and Tunisia was significant. The club and the company managed to sign midfielder PaulinhoThe idol Timao, who has been without a club since September last year, when he terminated his contract and left Al Ahly Al Arabi. The arrival of the athlete was very positive from the financial point of view of the company – it is worth noting that Taunsa pays 100% of the player’s salary.

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When we took the first action with Corinthians, Paulinho’s arrival, we had a 30% increase in international demand. The soybean ship, 60,000 tons, is an expressive figure. When we signed up for this exhibition, we saw a 30% increase in demand. It is very strong. A message to the business world. Corinthians are very strong, whatever you add to the club, the return is impressive. Pay attention to the business and friends there, because a comeback is certain,” Clydson commented.

Despite the great partnership, Taunsa doesn’t often print a Timão costume. The company has been wearing the club’s jersey for the first four Campeonato Paulista matches this year. By chance, in one of the matches against Ituano, Paulinho scored the winning goal for Corinthians. With the partnership succeeding, the company’s CEO stated that there was already a project to stamp Taunsa on the T-shirt.

We are studying, as I said, the project of stamping the Taunsa brand on the Timão mantle was presented. We are under study. We understand that what is best for the club, Townsa Corinthians will do. I think very soon we will have very positive news for both partiesto both Corinth and Tunisia,” he explained.

still in february, a My dream She stated that the club asked the partner to help appoint the new coach. When asked about the possibility of assisting Corinthians in the arrival of Vitor Pereira, and paying part of the salaries of the coach and his uncles, as he did with Paulinho, Cleeson did not deny that there was a project to hire and that Townsa was studying.

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The project was submitted (to help recruit Vítor Pereira). Introduced Duilio, we are studying Vitor Pereira. I can assure you that whatever is best for Corinth, we, Tunisia, will do. So I understand that soon there will be an exhibition or something to that effect in terms of new projects,” the CEO explained, before praising the coach.

“Very hardworking and a winner. Straightforward and knowledgeable about football. I’m pretty sure he’ll add a lot to the team, and he’s very strong. I think he’s out of the loop,” concluded Clydson Cruz.

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