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Tati Machado has been announced as the new member of Saia Justa, from GNT · TV News

Tati Machado has been announced as the new member of Saia Justa, from GNT · TV News

Tati Machado was announced on Wednesday (19) as the newest member of Saia Justa. The news was broken on Mais Você, and the reporter arrives at the site of the attraction in the season that will premiere in the second half of 2024. The GNT program, with an all-female cast, will also feature Bella Gale and Rita Batista in the show.

Ana Maria Braga said: “Today I’m the one starting with celebrity news, excuse me. I have some live news. I’m really going to announce something new that makes me very happy.”

“Tati Machado is the newest cast member of the show Saia Justa, on GNT!”, celebrated the broadcaster. “By joining the Saia Justa team, we truly believe that it has become a reality thanks to this girl’s talent and charisma,” she praised the veteran.

“A journalist who arrived at Globo in 2012, she occupied the space and the people around her. Wherever she goes, you have nothing but smiles, she comes. Congratulations, you totally deserve it,” he added.

Ana María Braga stated that Tati Machado will not stop working as a correspondent for Mais Você and Encontro. “If it is for the good of all, and the general happiness of the nation, I tell you: I, Maria, am not crazy enough to leave here. I will continue to participate in the Mais Você and the Encontro. What a joy.” Hearing this from you, I am very happy,” the journalist was emotional.

“Today is a day of much reflection. I remember a lot of things I went through at Globo Studios. You can be sure that I already spoke to you yesterday, but there is a lot of you inside me. You’ve helped me so much, you don’t even know how much sometimes, I watch you And you’re working and I’m thinking, “Oh my God, I want to be like this when I grow up, because you’re really giant.” He praised and praised.

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Tati stated that she is happy to see her dreams come true, and that Saya Justa represents a unique opportunity to show another side of her personality. “I’m so excited and happy and excited to be living this moment and to leave this recorded forever in Mais Você,” she concluded.

In a statement sent to the press by GNT, Tati also provided more details about her expectations of being part of the night-time attraction. “It’s that old story about believing in our dreams. I arrived at Saya Justa full of desire and ready to do my best,” she declared.

“I am very honored and thrilled to be on this couch that has already been occupied by so many women who I admire. It will be interesting and challenging to be able to show more about myself and, in a way, show the side that I adore. Many may not know, at least not yet, that I am “Worried, but I’m sure everything will be fine with Bella Gil and Rita Bautista.”