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Taliban announces "general amnesty" and appeals to women in Afghanistan |  Globalism

Taliban announces “general amnesty” and appeals to women in Afghanistan | Globalism

The extremist group said everyone “should resume their daily lives with complete confidence” and urged civil servants to return to normal work.

Extremists are trying to portray themselves as more moderate than they were when they ran the country between 1996 and 2001It adopted a very strict view of Islamic law, and imposed various restrictions, especially on women, who were prevented from working and studying.

As part of this effort, A Taliban spokesman was interviewed Tuesday by a female anchor, without the burqa, on the Tolo News television network..

But many Afghans remain skeptical. Older people remember conservative Islamic views, which included stoning, amputations, and public executions..

Understand in the video below why women are affected the most by the Taliban’s return to power:

However, Afghans are trying to return to their normal lives in Kabul on Tuesday. Many stores reopened, traffic jammed and people returned to the capital’s streets.

But some are still afraid – especially women, who often avoid taking to the streets.. The Taliban regulate the flow of vehicles and set up checkpoints in the city.

Watch videos of the Taliban’s progress in Afghanistan:

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