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Symbol – Abroad – A volcano erupts near Reykjavik, reddening the volcanic sky

The volcano erupted on Friday night near the Icelandic capital Reykjavik.

The volcano erupting from the depths has painted the sky red in the area where thousands of small earthquakes have occurred in recent weeks.

The epicenter was reported 30 kilometers south of the capital, Reykjavk. Four hours after the first eruption, the volcano covered about 200 football fields. A XII. For the first time since the 16th century, volcanic eruptions have occurred in this part of the island.

In the past four weeks, there have been about 40,000 earthquakes on the peninsula, with an average of 1,000-3,000 recorded since 2014.

The eruption did not pose a direct threat to residents or infrastructure in nearby Kirindavik. The local meteorological agency classified the natural disaster as minor. Nonetheless, a 500-750-meter-long fissure was opened at the site of the eruption, where a volcanic eruption of up to 100 meters may have formed, said Fries George of the Meteorological Office.

The local Civil and Disaster Management Authority has asked residents in the town of Thorlaxofen, east of the eruption site, to stay home, avoiding an area full of volcanic gases.

The Reykjavik International Airport was not closed after the explosion, but the local meteorological center said all airlines would have to decide whether or not to fly. According to the airport website for booking arrivals and departures, there is no barrier to air traffic.

Otherwise, about eleven years ago, when the Ijafzallajakul volcano erupted, 900,000 flights had to be canceled, and hundreds more were forced to stay in their homes. Experts say the current eruption will not release much ash or smoke into the atmosphere.

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