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Susana Vieira doesn't keep silent, comes on and reveals her disappointment with her sister at BBB 22: 'It was too much for me'

Susana Vieira doesn’t keep silent, comes on and reveals her disappointment with her sister at BBB 22: ‘It was too much for me’

BBB 22

Susana Vieira didn’t like the sister’s rationale when appointing Paulo Andre to the BBB 22 wall

Susana Vieira commented on Lina's post, criticizing the leader's candidacy for the wall
© Reproduction / InstagramSusana Vieira commented on Lina’s post, criticizing the leader’s candidacy for the wall

Susanna Vieira She is an icon of Brazilian television and over decades of success, the actress has begun to develop a taste for reality in particular Bbb 22. The artist was following the developments of the game and yesterday (28) immortal Maria do Carmo at Lady Destiny Take a moment in the routine to criticize the situation Lina To signal Paulo Andre to the wall.

Susanna Vieira He commented on Lina’s post and clarified that he did not agree with the justifications given by the singer when appointing the athlete. “Disappointment!!!! Put the Palestinian Authority? And they say there was no one to vote???? It was too much for me!!!”, Al-Alameya said in the comment. Among the reasons I used it Linais the fact that Paulo Andre has already pointed it at the wall and that the young man has taken it Lucas And the Slovenia From your group on the leader through the punishment of the monster.

The situation gets even more interesting considering that Susanna has been on the show lately History at Fatima Bernardis Even to praise Lynn. On the same day, the actress criticized Arthur’s position and said that she did not agree with the many positions taken by her husband. Mira Cardi.

“I think he’s too serious, I don’t think he’s cute. He was always cocky and arrogant. That’s what happens to me, I’m a spectator, I don’t know this boy and I’ve never seen him before.” Paulo AndreAnd the Pedro Scooby And the Lucas Bisoli Compete against the wall. In the partial BolaVip poll, Lucas was disqualified with 80% of the vote.

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