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Summer 2023 What to do for free in Vitoria? Praia will have a popular basketball class

Photo: Leonardo Silvera/PMV
Activity with the kids at Arena Vitória 2023: Praia de Camburi (illustrative photo)

It’s next Sunday (22nd) that Alessandro Casey will command 1st Basketball Challenge 3×3 In the Arena VittoriaCambori beach.

The capixaba star will lead the action from the top of his 2.03m height and the competition will take place in the morning.

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Casé is a big name in 3×3 basketball and courts. The giant, who plays on the courts of the capital – where he also serves hundreds of children in need – is a Brazilian Masters athlete, American champion and world champion in 3×3 and has other important titles on his resume.

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In addition to this activity, Piazza Vitória, which is organized by the city council, has a series of concerts on its schedule and even a gourmet space called Rei Pelé, in honor of the football star.

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“Everything has been thought out with great affection for the population. We want to appreciate our local artists, which is a habit of our administration, and also make room for national attractions. It will be days of joy. Vitoria will boil this summer,” Vitoria’s Minister of Culture explained, Luciano Gagno.

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the in the night club With Themeris Gedonifrom U.S Vittoria leafhave already been informed Full show schedule space, which is still full of news through January 29th.

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What is 3×3 basketball?

like explained before Crazy Sports Blog3×3 basketball, formerly known as FIBA ​​33, is an official version of three-on-three basketball. It is a type of basketball developed on the outdoor asphalt fields of cities in the United States..

The match is played in reduced dimensions and with three players on each side, which explains its name. Despite being a relatively new sport, there have been similar competitions since the 1980s, and according to the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), there are more than 250 million practitioners worldwide. It became an Olympic way in Tokyo 2020.

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