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Interessados em concorrerem a uma bolsa de estudos para atuar no Canadá ou Reino Unido já podem preparar os documentos para se inscreverem no projeto!

Study abroad for free, open enrollment

A student exchange is the dream of many, especially Brazilians. From time to time some interesting opportunities appear for those who are interested in applying for scholarships, like the two initiatives that offer opportunities for those who want to study in the UK or Canada.

Want to know more about the programs, who can participate and how to submit an application? So follow the article below so you don’t miss any important information!

Those interested in applying for a scholarship to work in Canada or the United Kingdom can now prepare their application documents for the program! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Canada Scholarship Information

The first is the Université de Montréal, which offers tuition fee waivers in addition to scholarships for Brazilian students interested in studying from undergraduate to doctoral degrees in Canada.

According to the organizers of the initiative, students can get a discount of up to 50% on course fees, with full exemption from fees for the admission period from winter 2023 to autumn 2033.

To clarify the admission process, experts and consultants from Canadian universities will be at the student hall in São Paulo between October 15 and 16 this year. On October 17th at 6:00 pm a face-to-face lecture will be held by the Alianza Francesa Language Network. Events are free.

Also, the Canadian institution still offers an intensive program for students who want to learn about French before starting their university studies. The program consists of four months of French classes that help students arrive in the country knowing the language, communicating smoothly, and following academic activities properly.

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Exchange opportunity in UK

For those interested in studying in the UK, access the official website of the Chevening Scholarship, which is open for applications until November 1st: https://www.chevening.org/. In this case, the initiative offers scholarships for one-year postgraduate courses in various universities of the country.

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In this case, the scholarship covers round-trip airfare to the United Kingdom, university administration fees, tuition fees for the course the student chooses, and a monthly cash stipend so that students can meet personal expenses. Stayed there.

In this case, the selection process has its stages: First, the candidate must register on the program’s website and fill out a form containing the course he wants to take. At that time, he should send all the requested documents.

In the second stage, applicants will be invited for an interview in English held at the British Embassy or the nearest city where the British Embassy is located. Take advantage of the opportunity! Good luck!

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