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Estudantes fazem uma viagem ao mundo através da ciência secom

Students take a trip around the world through science – Acorda Cidade

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How can the FIFA World Cup and science be linked through a municipal school in Fiera de Santana? The Scientific Exhibition of the Center for Integrated Municipal Education Professor Joselito Falcao de Amorim proposed this union. The task of the students in the last years of primary school (6th to 9th grade) was to survey scientists and present experiments representing the countries participating in the World Cup.

And the science fair, which was held last week, included several types of experiments: a potato battery, paints made from natural elements (food, flowers and fruits), camera blocking, holograms, microscopy, sound wave propagation and much more. The unit’s science teachers were responsible for coordinating the event.

The school management says that such initiatives motivate the students as they unify the classrooms and suggest interdisciplinary activities, research and lots of practice. The fair is part of the annual schedule of activities for the recent years department, which also promoted sports at the beginning of the month.

For María Eduarda Borges, from the ninth grade, the activity was amazing. The student highlighted the three aspects that caught her attention the most. The first was to visualize the world, so that she would have the opportunity to meet scientists, projects and countries that make her understand that there is a world of possibilities to discover. According to Eduarda, “It’s a way to enrich the soul.”

The student also indicated that she learned a lot from producing experiences, especially patience, to start over if things go wrong; You evolve and find new ways to use items that are part of everyday life.

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The best part was watching and sharing the knowledge with colleagues. One group produced bioplastics, the other a solar oven. “I had never seen it and had no idea that it could be done without a lot of mystery,” said Maria Eduarda.

Information from the Secom of Feira de Santana City Hall

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