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Stress can be contagious and can be “passed on” from other people

Stress can be contagious and can be “passed on” from other people

Stress seems to be a huge problem for our generation, as levels have never been so high. However, the solution never seems simple, even more so with recent hypotheses that stress can be contagious. This is because the mere presence of someone with a high level of insomnia can induce the same feeling in others.

“sympathetic pressure”

For scientists, living with people who experience a high level of stress can lead to real pollution. In this case, that’s what this study reported in the journal NeuroendocrinologyAnd Which suggests that the mere presence of a person under stress raises the cortisol level of the people around him.

From this perspective, we can refer to the presence of “sympathetic stress”, which consists in the pure feeling of discomfort in relation to the condition of another individual. Moreover, this “sympathetic” feeling can be more present when it is stressful people we love and wish well.

In this way, it will be as if we have internalized the other person’s feeling through anxiety. For scientists, this is an evolutionary memory, because in the distant past, our communication was mostly non-verbal. Therefore, we are sensitive to the attitudes and feelings of others, which also makes us exposed to.

stress risks

Currently, health organizations, especially the World Health Organization, are looking for a way to solve the problem of stress in the world. Apparently, the modern world puts us in a constant feeling of malaise, which can lead to a lot of problems. For example, an increase in heart attacks in young people due to stress has already been recorded.

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Other issues can be analyzed in this context as well, such as a new disease Burntthat relate to work. In the long term, stress can affect our entire body and significantly reduce our quality of life. So getting timely psychosocial help can literally save your life.