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"Strawberry Supermoon": see photos of the phenomenon |  Sciences

“Strawberry Supermoon”: see photos of the phenomenon | Sciences

This Tuesday (14) the “strawberry super moon” can be seen in all locations in Brazil that have favorable climatic conditions.

The natural moon is near you rock bottomIt is closest to Earth during its orbit, and so it appears in the sky larger and brighter than usual.

However, the “Strawberry Supermoon” is not redHe was baptized with this name because in the northern hemisphere his appearance coincides with the period of harvesting the fruits.

Below, see photos of the phenomenon:

A “giant strawberry moon” was observed in Athens on Tuesday (14). Photo: Reuters / Alex Konstantinidis

Giant strawberry moon rises behind the Santa Maria Tower in Malta (Photo: Darren Zammit Lobby/Reuters .)

A giant strawberry moon rises next to the Kapaleeswarar temple in India (Photo: Arun Sankar/AFP)

The giant moon rises next to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, in Dubai – Photo: Kamran Jebreili / AP

A giant strawberry moon rises in Frankfurt, Germany – Photo: Michael Probst / AP

A full strawberry moon behind a tree branch in Gaza City – Photo: Associated Press

Giant strawberry moon seen in France, in Marseille – Photo: Associated Press

A giant strawberry moon from Iraq over the cross of Saint Joseph’s Church in Baghdad. Photo: Associated Press

A full moon rises in Marseille, France, on the night of the strawberry super moon – Photo: Daniel Cole/AP

The Giant Strawberry Moon was seen from Sao Paulo on Tuesday (14). – Photo: clone / GloboNews

Brazilians will be able to watch the ‘super moon’ on Tuesday (14) – Image: TV Globo / Reproduction

This Tuesday (14) “Strawberry Supermoon” can also be seen in Espiritu Santo – Photo: Fernando Madeira / Rede Gazeta

(video: Strawberry Supermoon: Understand the phenomenon that occurs on Tuesday 14.)

Super Strawberry Moon: Understand the phenomenon that happens on Tuesday (14)