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Store warns customers about Xbox CoD exclusivity

Store warns customers about Xbox CoD exclusivity

In France, a retailer left a curious notice in the console section – more precisely, higher PS5. after Microsoft acquires Activision BlizzardThe Store warns consumers about the possibility of a future exclusive to the Call of Duty series on Xbox.

A netizen shared a photo of the painting, and the post went viral on social media. Next to DualSenses, PS4 games and other Sony consoles, the following message appears:

Apparently, some retailers around the world have started informing consumers about Call of Duty.

“Warning for gamers. Microsoft has purchased Activision. Choose your device carefully. (Call of Duty).”

Despite the hype created around the Activision shooter, there is still no confirmation from Microsoft that it will be kept exclusively on its platforms. However, the famous Bloomberg website said that The series will be on PlayStation only until 2023 (From there, the releases are unconfirmed.)

Sony confirms new state of play with focus on Gran Turismo 7 on PS5

Sony announced a new state of play on February 2nd. With the live stream going live at 7 PM, the main focus of the event will be on Gran Turismo 7. Approximately 30 minutes of gameplay will be shown on PS5. See more details here!