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STJD condemns sports and calls for stadium bans after jamming

STJD condemns sports and calls for stadium bans after jamming

The sport was denounced by the Supreme Court of Justice (STJD) today (17) by Confusion on the island of Retiro At the end of the game with Vascoin order to Brazilian second division. In addition to ordering a stadium suspension and a fine, there is a chance of losing points for the home team. Raniel and Luiz Henrique can also be penalized.

The STJD has denounced the sport in three articles. The first is in 205, which speaks of “preventing the continuation of a match, event, or equivalent in dispute, due to deliberate insufficient numbers of its players or in any other way”. The penalty is a fine ranging from R$100 to R$100,000, and the loss of disputed points in favor of the opponent. “The sports entity is subject to the penalties of this article if it is proven that the suspension of the match was caused or provoked by its fans,” the article stated.

Then, in 211, which cites “the failure to maintain the venue I have designated to hold the event with the infrastructure necessary to ensure the full guarantee and security of its realization”. The penalty is a fine of R$100 to R$100,000 and a ban on the site “when appropriate, until the requirements set forth in the resolution are met.”

Finally, Article 213, which speaks of not preventing disturbances in your sports arena, invading the field or venue of a sports event and throwing objects into the field or venue of a sports event. The penalty is a fine of 100 to 100,000 Brazilian riyals, in addition to punishing the club for losing control of the field from one to ten matches.

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The match was stopped in the 48th minute of the second half, after Raniel equalized with a penalty and celebrated in front of the Liao fans, when riots swept the field and attacked Cruz Maltino professionals and two firefighters who were working. in the match.


The Public Prosecutor’s Office also denounced Luis Henrique and Raniel, from Vasco, for provoking Sport fans. on the result sheetRafael Klaus recounted that he sent off Luiz Henrique for throwing a tennis ball and a chair in the direction of an opponent’s fans, while Raniel was reported to have received a double warning for unsportsmanlike behavior when provoking an opponent’s fans in celebration of Vasco’s goal.

Neither of them got a card due to confusion. Raniel will respond to a violation of Section 258-a of the CBJD, which provides for a suspension of two to six matches. Luis Henrique will respond to Article 258 with a one- to six-match suspension and 258-a, which provides for suspensions between two and six matches. The two received a request from the Special Court for Justice and Democracy for a preventive arrest.