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STF sends request to PGR for investigation against Queiroga

STF sends request to PGR for investigation against Queiroga

Minister Gilmar Mendes, from STF (Supreme Court), sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office a request for an investigation against the Minister of Health, Marcelo Quiroga. the reason is Instability sequence in folder data systems since the end of last year.

The procedure responds to a request from the PT. In the party’s appreciation of the President’s statements Jair Bolsonaro (PL) against the adoption of restrictive measures Amid the progress of the omnitron variable in the country “It leads to the suggestion that the obfuscation in the computerized systems of the Ministry of Health may be a political act aimed at concealing the real health situation prevailing in the country.”

Folder systems attacked hacker In early December last year. since then, The government faced difficulties in disseminating information about vaccination The number of infections and deaths from the Covid-19 virus.

The petition’s rapporteur, Minister Gilmar Mendes, earlier this month criticized the flaws of the federal government system. “The health outage makes it impossible to confront the epidemic,” he wrote on his personal Twitter account.

The practice, at the STF, is that requests such as those made by the PT are sent to the PGR, which must assess whether they are asking for investigations.

Dribbling and health violations

For Labor members of Congress, the ministry is in violation of the public administration’s duty of transparency, enshrined in the federal constitution.

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In the lawsuit filed with the STF, the parliamentarians claimed that Quiroga Committed offenses such as infractions, which consist of delaying or failing to perform duties To satisfy interests alien to the common good.

The petition was signed by Representatives Reginaldo Lopez (MG), Gliese Hoffman (PR), Alexandre Padelha (SP) and Bohn Gass (RS), and the petition also mentions the possibility of Violation of preventive health measures – The practice of violating the authority’s decisions aimed at preventing the spread of disease.