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Step by Step to Unlocking R$200 in Nubank: Quick and Easy

Step by Step to Unlocking R$200 in Nubank: Quick and Easy

With a new function, Nubank launches the possibility of making purchases of more than R$200 in simple steps, without the need for the card password. In this way, users can count on a simpler way to pay for products and services.

Do you want to know what new fintech function to take advantage of? Then check out the step by step below to activate the feature and start enjoying its benefits!

With the new Nubank function, bank customers can make up to R$200 in purchases. paying off! / credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Nubank function for purchases up to R$200

Nubank customers will be able to spend around R$200 at this time with a new feature offered by the app: Approximate Payment (contact🇧🇷 Thus, it is possible to make purchases with plastic without having to use the password, you just need to bring it closer to the devices to facilitate purchases.

Note that higher value purchases require a password for security reasons. This is because if the plastic is lost or stolen, the customer will not be harmed if someone attempts to make purchases at higher values. Here’s how to activate the function:

  • First, download and access the Nubank app (Android: https://bityli.com/vENGmP or iOS: https://bityli.com/yrlJpS🇧🇷
  • Already on the main screen, tap on your profile area;
  • Shortly after, tap on the “Configure Card” option;
  • Finally, just activate the “approximate purchases” function and start spending!

Remember that the feature can be deactivated whenever the customer wants, you just need to follow the same instructions as above. When you do this, the button will turn gray, indicating that the function is not activated.

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Tips for increasing your credit card limit

Finally, a very common complaint among clients of a financial institution is that it is difficult to replenish the credit line. However, many do not follow recommended bank practices to help increase values. Learn how to improve your credit standing with tips from Nubank itself!

Update your income

One way to get the bank to know how much you can spend is by showing how much you earn per month. Thus, it is easy for the organization to know the maximum release so that your income will not suffer, as you will be able to pay the bills that you make.

Always pay the bill on time

Then, always paying the bill on time will ensure faster release of limits, as the organization will understand that you are a good payer and will not allow debts to get out of hand. Customers who pile up to pay the bill are seen as unreliable, which causes banks to avoid increasing the card limit so as not to get hurt.

Spend as much as you can on credit

Finally, focusing your purchases on your credit card whenever possible makes it clear to the fintech that there is a greater need for card limit use. Soon, the bank will be able to increase it as soon as possible, so you will not need to disclose payments.

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