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Stellandis threatens to withdraw production from United Kingdom – Observer

Stellandis threatens to withdraw production from United Kingdom – Observer

Maria Grazia Davino is responsible for Stellandis in the United Kingdom (UK) and, without words, she is He accused the British government of misusing vehicle production control measures, which brands could not be sold due to lack of demand. Davino assures Portugal that the Carlos Tavares-led auto group does not want to remove its manufacturing facilities from the country, but We don’t accept making cars with engines that customers don’t want.

Stellandis currently operates factories in Ellesmere Port, where electric vans are produced, and in Luton, which produces only petrol versions, but will start producing battery versions in 2025. The group’s facilities manufacture Vauxhall, Opel, models on British soil. Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat. Now, with legislative elections scheduled for July 4 and a change in local government looming, Stellandis wants to make sure it stays in the UK, selling and servicing vehicles. There is no guarantee that existing production lines will continue to operate.

Under current regulations, manufacturers are forced to sell more and more electric vehicles. But, as Carlos Tavares has already said, the amount required now is twice what British drivers are willing to buy. Commercial vans produced by different Stellandis brands in the UK need to reach a percentage of 22% electric vehicles, which is an unattainable level. However, the lack of customers for battery-powered cars does not exempt the manufacturer from paying heavy fines for failing to meet the targets set by the government.

Davino tried to explain to British politicians that if this commitment to producing electric vans, which did not have enough customers, continued, Stellandis would have to find other solutions. This includes a local VAT assistance system to encourage the purchase of electric models or by closing factories and starting to import vans with combustion engines from other European countries.

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