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Steering wheel, midfielder, sidecar: Chih-Chi becomes Atlético-MG's "primary card" and Arana's absence option |  Athlete - mg

Steering wheel, midfielder, sidecar: Chih-Chi becomes Atlético-MG’s “primary card” and Arana’s absence option | Athlete – mg

During his nearly three months at Atlético-MG, Tchê Tchê can say he’s done just about everything in the field. He was the first defensive midfielder, limited to observation; secondly, with greater freedom to play (a role he often played and prefers); And even the goalkeeper in the absence of Nacho and Nathan.

Against Atlético-Go, last Thursday, Coca discovered another role for the team’s “wild card”: the left winger. Possible cocker in the match against Cuiaba, Sunday, 6:15 p.m., at Arena Pantanal, Chih-Chi and his son were the subject of a report on Esporte Espetacular (Watch the video above).

Tchê’s prowess was highlighted in the Atlético-MG team – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético

Last Thursday, without linebackers (Guilherme Arana, suspended), immediate reserve (Dodô, injured) and more natural improv options (Allan, suspended, and Alonso, called up), Cuca had to turn to Tchê Tchê for a left side. Shirt number 37 did well, did not concede, and gave a consistent performance in attack and defence.

– Tchê Tchê actually played that role with me, in Palmeiras e Fluminense, and I remember at that time he played well. That’s why, within the improvisations, I did the thing that actually got a positive result. He has done a very good job. This proves the value that we have from the players – the most prominent coach.

Tchê Tchê played at left-back at Atlético-MG vs Atlético-GO – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético

Led by São Paulo, Tchê Tchê was the only appointment Cuca requested in the early months of Atlético. He is one of the most present players in the starting lineup, and his versatility is one of his greatest assets to earning the confidence of the coaching staff.

In other stages of his career, such as Audax and in Palmeiras himself (with Cuca), Tchê Tchê was recognized for being a defensive midfielder and also played as a full-back, but on the right side. On the left, the match against Atlético-GO was only the second in their career.

– He’s skilled, he has that potential and he played a great game. She did very well in both attack and defence. He has prepared well and is a player we can trust.

Tchê Tchê has been selected to replace full-back Guilherme Arana in the match against Atlético-GO – Photo: Pedro Souza/Atlético

Arana absence option

Tchê Tchê’s consistent performance at left-back could be a good answer to a problem Cuca will face very soon, with Guilherme Arana leaving the Olympics. The Brazilian Football Confederation wants the athlete to be available for the national team from July 8 – The rooster tries to negotiate the deadline for the 14th day.

Still without Dodo, who is still injured and has no expectations of a comeback, the 37th jersey is starting to be seen as a good option for the sector.

– Of course, every game you test is not for the future, but for the present. Koca said: If the present gives you the answer, then you trust the future.

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