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Steam is gaining many improvements in its search system

For many people, Steam is the ultimate platform on PC. By offering many community options and affordable prices, players have adopted the Valve Store as their main store, even while avoiding using competitors.

Steam has now gained many improvements that will make life easier for its users. Valve recently announced that the platform’s search system has undergone changes, including new functionality that will allow players to find games more easily.

The main change is the ability to search for more than just the name of the game. Terms such as labels, developers, distributors, and even strings can now be used in the search field.

You can search for the term “Zombies” for example, which will return a list of all games that have the zombies tag instead of just the games that have the word in their title. With this change, it will be much easier to find certain types of games.

Searching for developers or distributors will allow you to find other games from the same studio. It will not be superfluous to go directly to the company’s page to see its other products.

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Another improvement adopted by the platform is the recognition of misspelled words. When a user searches for a misspelled game name, the search system will be able to recognize the error and provide the desired result.

Remember, these improvements have already been implemented in both the Steam app for PC, mobile, and through the browser.