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Starfield wishes a happy 2022 with their new Bethesda satellite image

Starfield wishes a happy 2022 with their new Bethesda satellite image

Bethesda decided to celebrate the new year wishing Happy 2022 With a new image of Starfield, the much-anticipated science fiction RPG on November 11, 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X | S which continues to appear with the dropper.

Also in this case, it is not a screenshot but an artistic concept, i.e. an image that primarily serves to illustrate the style and environments in the game, which in this case refers to Science Fiction More Classic: In this great illustration, we see a glimpse of space as seen from the surface of an alien planet covered in ice.

in the background nebulaWhile in one corner of the image is a vehicle clearly specialized in exploring the most inaccessible surfaces, with two astronauts contemplating the panorama: “Dedicated to a year of discovery,” the letter accompanying the concept art reads. We also see something like a Northern lights.

Therefore, the harassment in Starfield continues after Picture in the mysterious caves To explore it released a few days ago, while yesterday Some supposed images appeared From an old version of Bethesda RPG.

In the meantime, we look forward to an actual performance from Starfield, which Bethesda has decided to target in November 2022, Maybe in the E3 period: As has also happened with Fallout 4 and the company’s other titles, it actually appears that Todd Howard and his colleagues intend to show the game in depth only near the real release.